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Top 5 foundation Brushes for Sinead Cady, @TheMakeupChair

Youtube influencer Sinead Cady regularly uses our brushes and has given us her top 5 foundation brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics that she can't work without! These brushes are all easy to use from beginners to professionals and are great for both sheer and medium foundations types.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Top 5 Foundation Brushes

First up we have our F20 brush, this is a perfect multi-purpose brush which works well with sheer to full coverage foundations. With a little practice this is a very easy brush to use with liquid foundations and powders.

Next is the F41 brush, this brush is great for sculpting and shaping the face and also works well with sheer to full coverage foundations. This is a very easy brush to use with liquid foundations and powders making it a great brush for on the go!

The F22 brush is a dome-shaped face brush which is amazing for sheer to full coverage foundations. It is effortless to use and works well with all thicknesses of foundation. This is a great brush for beginners as it can be used well with all foundation types and is really easy to use.

Our F36 brush is a round topped face brush which works best with sheer to medium coverage foundations. It is very easy to use with all liquid foundations as well as foundation or setting powders. This is a great quality as it makes it a perfect travel or handbag brush due to its multi-purpose work.

Last but by no means least, the F45 brush is a short stipple brush which works perfectly for sheer to medium foundations. It is painless to use and works amazingly with both liquid foundations and powders. This makes it the perfect brush for both highlighting and contouring.

Whether you need brushes for daily use or for travel, these brushes are perfect for all looks and all make-up needs! Blank Canvas Brushes are great for all types of foundation and powders and require little to no experience to use!

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