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Dimension Series Hamper

Dimension Series Hamper

Dimension Series Hamper



What you need to know:

The Dimension Series Hamper is exactly that-a hamper filled with all of our most popular products!


What it’s made up of:


The Dimension Series Hamper contains:

  • BC Standee in Pink
  • F01 Quick Brush
  • F06 Bevelled Foundation Brush
  • F08 Dome Buffing Brush
  • F11 Large Eyeshadow Brush
  • F20 Buffer Brush (Colour/Style may vary)
  • F33 Extreme Contour Brush
  • F39 Dome Powder Brush
  • F41 Flat Tapered Cheek Brush (Colour/Style may vary)
  • Luxurious Blank Canvas Gift Candle



All packed in a luxurious Blank Canvas Gift Box


DISCLAIMER: Please take caution with gift candles. They should not be left unattended or to burn until the bottom of the glass. 





What it’s for:

The Dimension Series Hamper is the perfect gift for anyone who deserves the ultimate treat this Christmas-your mum, your bestie, your lady or yourself!


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