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Three Must-Have Makeup Brushes You Need to Start Your Collection

Posted by Blank Canvas Cosmetics 23/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Most of us don't start using makeup brushes when we start using makeup. We might get a couple cheap tubes of product at the local drug store and start experimenting. For some of us, that opens up a gateway to the wonderful world of makeup and we can't wait to get our hands on more! Our taste in the product becomes more sophisticated and we need tools that help us get the application right. If you are new to the world of makeup, the number of tools out there for an application can be overwhelming. Many of our makeup brush start sets come with twelve brushes, but if you aren't experienced with those tools, 12 brushes can feel like a lot.

If you aren't ready for a set like that and just want to dip your toe into the world of makeup brushes, we can help. Here are our three must-have makeup brushes for those just looking to start their collection and up their makeup game.

Get These Makeup Brushes Into Your Hands!

Foundation Brush

If you haven't been applying your foundation with a foundation makeup brush, you are in for a treat. Not only does it feel amazing on your skin, but it's going to leave your foundation looking much smoother and more natural. Plus, as long as you keep your brush clean, it stops you from spreading bacteria to your face from your hands which can cause breakouts and blemishes. You can build up coverage easier, too, so you use less product. That can save you money and make the final effect even more pleasing.

Eye Shadow Brush

Those little sponge applicators that come with most eyeshadows aren't that great. They leave the color looking streaky instead of natural. A good eye shadow brush, though, can be swept across your lips and brows to give you beautiful, natural-looking color. You'll be able to pick up the right amount of color and control how much you apply much easier with a brush, too.

Blending Brush

A blending brush is going to be slightly larger than your eye shadow brush and significantly fluffier. This little brush is the perfect multi-purpose tool for your makeup bag. This brush can be used to blend out your eyeshadow or blend your concealer with your foundation. You'll be able to target areas that need refining. This tool can really be the difference between makeup application that's just okay and one that's flawless.

We Have the Makeup Brushes You Need

Once you use high-quality makeup brushes in your daily routine, there is no going back. You'll love the way these tools help you apply makeup more naturally and with a better final finish. Start with these three brushes and your collection is sure to grow. There are brushes for virtually every makeup application need, and we have them all. Shop our site for great collections of the best makeup brushes around. From single brushes to professional makeup brush sets, we have everything you need. Get started today!