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The Lowdown on Lip Brushes

Posted by Blank Canvas Cosmetics 23/02/2017 0 Comment(s)

If you are a lipstick lover, it’s about time you invested in a quality lip brush. Some people are under the impression that lip brushes are superfluous, but if you are looking for a perfect pout, they are essential. Lip brushes not only make your lipstick look better, they also offer a host of other benefits that you may not expect.


More precision

The biggest benefit lip brushes offer is that they allow you to more precisely apply your lip color. Because it is a fine point, unlike a lipstick bullet, you can apply your color exactly where you want it. You no longer have to struggle to get lipstick in the tricky corners of your mouth; with a lip brush, you can apply it in a fine line. When you use a lip brush, you have much more control over your lipstick.

More even color

When you use a lip brush, you have much more control over not only where your lipstick goes, but how much goes on your lips. This means you avoid your lips having awkward patches of more or less pigmentation. This also allows you to layer your color so that it comes out as the precise shade you desire. For example, if you are using a dark red lipstick, the first layer will appear as a lighter shade, and then you can continue to apply several layers until it is your desired shade.

Stays longer

Lip brushes are not only the best way to apply lipstick from an aesthetic perspective; they are also the best way to make your lip color last all day. When you apply lipstick straight from the tube, you layer on way more of the product than you actually need, which makes it easier for it to move around and streak. If you instead apply with a lip brush, it goes deeper into your skin, making the pigmentation last for a longer amount of time. Whether you are applying lipstick first thing in the morning or are about to hit the town for the night, you want lip color that lasts. So while it may initially take you more time to paint on your pout, it more than makes up for that time in lasting color.

More room for creativity

Lip brushes also allow you to expand your creative horizons when it comes to lip color. First of all, with a lip brush, you are better able to mix your own custom colors, using two or more lipsticks to create a shade that is uniquely you. When you have lip brushes, you can also create an ombre effect for your lips; if you have ever wanted to try this cool lip color trend, a lip brush is a must-have.

Waste less product

Lip brushes are also the best way to make your lipsticks last you longer, not only on your lips, but also in the tube. As stated above, when you use a lipstick bullet, you are smearing on more product than you actually need. This is wasteful and means that you will be headed back to the beauty store much more frequently than you need to. However, when you use a lip brush, you are only applying as much product as you really need. This means that your lipsticks last you for months longer than they would have. Additionally, once your lipstick gets down to a tiny nub, you can’t use it, right? Wrong! With a lip brush, you can utilize every last bit of a lipstick tube before tossing it.

How to Choose A Lip Brush

Now that you are convinced that lip brushes are the way to go, you need to choose one to suit your needs. At Blank Canvas Cosmetics, we offer several lip brush options from which you can choose, and as the internet’s leading provider in high-quality professional makeup brushes, you can trust our products. In general, when it comes to lip brushes, you want a brush that is going to give you the precision you need, so it should be a small brush; however, it is also crucial for the brush to be soft enough on your lips that it won’t cause damage. At Blank Canvas Cosmetics, our lip brushes are vegan and composed of gentle bristles so you don’t have to worry about harming the delicate skin on your lips.

How to Use A Lip Brush

First, start with a fresh canvas by exfoliating your lips. For even more precise lips, start by lining your lips with a lip liner or by using your lip brush to line your lips. Wipe the brush back and forth over your lipstick until the brush is saturated. Start in the center of your lips, blending outward and staying within your lip line. Finish by blending along your lip line. If applying a gloss on top, only apply a light layer to avoid gooping.