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Applying Makeup In The Proper Order

Posted by Blank Canvas Cosmetics 01/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

Applying makeup is a creative process that everyone does differently. However, there is a basic order to applying makeup that allows you to get the most effective use of each product. From your primer to your concealer to your contour palette, each product aids each other when applied in the proper order. At Blank Canvas, here is the order we recommend for applying your face makeup:

Step one: Primer

This may seem obvious, but a good primer is the first step to proper makeup application. Primer makes makeup application easier, and controls any facial redness to prepare your face for foundation.

Step two: Foundation

After you apply primer, next you should apply foundation. The foundation creates a canvas for your face on which you can apply the rest of your makeup.

Step three: Concealer

You should apply your concealer after your foundation so you can blend it in properly. If you apply concealer and then foundation, the concealer will not stay in place.

Step four: Contour

This is when you should break out your contour palette from Blank Canvas. Contouring adds structure to your face by highlighting where the light hits your face.

Step five: Powder

Finally, you should set your makeup with powder. A layer of powder soaks up any excess oil on your face, and keeps your makeup in place.

Now that you know the right order in which to apply your makeup, you’re ready to put your best face forward. Shop our line of professional makeup brushes, eyeliners, and cosmetic contouring palettes at Blank Canvas Cosmetics!