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6 Signs You Need A New Makeup Routine

Posted by Blank Canvas Cosmetics 23/02/2017 0 Comment(s)

Everyone has certain go-to makeup products that they always rock, but sticking to the same makeup routine day after day can get boring. You may find that slapping the same products on your face every day has become a chore, and you feel uninspired by your look. Alternatively, you could find that your makeup routine is taking up too much of your time and you are tempted to give up putting on makeup altogether! No worries, beauty queens; your solution could be as simple as switching up your routine to something that is fresh, new, and less time-intensive. In this blog, we will go over the tell-tale signs that it is time to change your makeup look.

You keep the same lipstick in your bag

Have you been wearing the same shade of lipstick every day for who knows how long? If you always have the same tube in your purse and never switch it up, it’s an obvious sign that it is time to try something new. Wearing the same shade day after day gets boring, and can look dated when compared to the latest lipstick trends of the moment. You can overcome this blunder by switching up your lip color every once and again. This same tip applies to any product that you rely on too much. Switch up your products every few months to look fresh-faced on the daily.

You know it like the back of your hand

Do you breeze through your makeup routine like it’s nothing? Could you do it hanging upside down with your eyes closed? If your makeup routine is as easy as pie, it’s time to try something new. Challenge yourself to explore new techniques for your makeup. If you always fall back on one look, it’s time to look into more options. Read beauty blogs, watch YouTube videos, read magazines; just hunt for new techniques you can use to switch it up. You could try doing a new makeup look one day out of every week to try a few new looks a month.

You’re scared to try something new

When you were reading the tip above, did you start to feel anxious at the very idea of switching up your routine? That’s a good indication that it’s been awhile since you tried something new, and it’s time to switch it up. Fear of change is generally the reason why people fail to try new things. Lean into your fears and give something new a try! You don’t need to leap into anything too crazy; something as simple as a new lip color or eyeliner look can be enough to breathe life into your beauty routine.

You constantly need to touch up

If you are touching up your face every half an hour, something is wrong with your routine. Your makeup shouldn’t be that high-maintenance or short-lived. It could be that you aren’t doing enough to ensure the longevity of your makeup; check out our times for making your makeup last here. Alternatively, if you are constantly powdering your face, it may be because your skin is oily; you may need a mattifying primer to ease up on the oil and make your makeup last longer. If your eyeshadow is what you constantly touch up, an eyeshadow primer can make all the difference in the world.

You keep breaking out

Do you suddenly seem to have more acne than you did as a pre-teen? It may be due to the makeup or skincare products you are using. If you’re breaking out like crazy, use the process of elimination to determine what’s up. Make sure to always clean your makeup brushes once a week to ensure that it isn’t germs clogging up your skin, and look into what products you use can cause breakouts. You may also want to switch to skincare products that specifically target acne reduction.

It takes too long

If you are spending way too much time in front of the mirror every morning and it is getting tiresome, give yourself a break and look into how you can shorten your routine. For example, instead of applying a primer, a concealer, a BB cream, a foundation, and a setting powder, cut it down to a primer, BB cream, and setting powder, and see how that goes. Alternatively, instead of blending several shades of eyeshadow together, try one or two shades instead. Finally, you can look into products that simplify your routine for you. For example, instead of using a lip liner, primer, and color, try a simple tinted lip gloss for a bit of color that’s as easy to apply as a simple swipe. Look at your routine to see how you can shorten it, and gift yourself with the extra time.

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