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Multi Colour Face Set

Multi Colour Face Set

Multi-Colour 4 Piece Set 


What you need to know:

The Multi Colour set is a 4 piece brush set made up of synthetic super soft, high quality brushes, created specifically with a HD finish in mind.


What it’s made up of:


This set contains 4 super soft brushes


  • F20 Buffer Brush in Hot Pink
  • F21 Angled Buffer Brush in Aquamarine Green
  • F22 Dome Buffer Brush in Metallic Purple
  • F23 Pointed Tip Face Brush in Royal Blue



What it’s for:

The Multi Colour 4 piece set is a combination of all 4 HD brushes-ideal for those who love a flawless skin base to your make up look.


When you get it:

Check your brushes for any signs of issue on receipt.  Please note that a small amount of shedding is normal during the first 3-4 uses.

Issue brushes should be reported to the original place of purchase within 30 days of purchase.  Always keep proof of purchase for your records.


How to care for the brushes in your set:

Use a daily brush spray to wipe off excess product building up on your brush. Deep clean when product is beginning to build up using our gentle brush soap or a shampoo.  Use only very small amounts (pea-sized) of product to wash your brush and rinse thoroughly. Avoid allowing water to run into the metal ferrule.

Remember: If you see product building up further than halfway down the brush head, it means your brush is being used incorrectly. Brushes that are saturated in product will not last.

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