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Eye Perfection Collection Brushes only

Eye Perfection Collection Brushes only

The Eye Perfection Collection


What you need to know:

This set is a 9 piece brush set made up of super soft, high quality natural and  synthetic brushes. 


What it’s made up of:

This set contains 9 super soft brushes:

  • E10 Small Socket Blender
  • E23 Short Pencil    
  • E24 Flat Shader 
  • E25 Round Top Blending Brush 
  • E26 Blending Brush
  • E27 Cute Mini Detailer
  • E28 Ultra Fine Liner 
  • E30 Brow/Spoolie
  • E32 Tapered Crease Blender



What it’s for:

The Eye Perfection Collection has everything you need to create any eye look-from placement brushes to smudgers, from liners to brow brushes.   



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