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  • Professional Makeup Brushes, 21 Piece Set with Brush Holder Choice
  • E26, Eye shadow, contouring makeup brush
  • Small, rounded eye shadow or crease makeup brush, E24
  • F17, Medium, Soft Eye shadow Makeup Brush
  • L29, Tipped Lipstick Makeup Brush
  • F32, Eye shadow, crease makeup brush
  • Rounded, Large, Blush Brush for Face, F14
  • F03, Dual Fibre Facial Makeup Brush, Liquid or Powder
  • F15, Red, Soft Bristled Medium Sized Face Brush
  • F20, Pink Dual Fibre Face Brush
  • Small Domed Eye Crease Makeup Brush
  • Large Angled Contour Face Makeup Brush, F21
  • Small, Slanted Eyebrow Brush, E38
  • Winged Liquid Eyeliner Makeup Brush
  • Flat, Large, Face Makeup Brush
  • Brush Holder Folio for 21 Piece Professional makeup Brush Set

Total Pro Deluxe 21 Piece Brush Set With Folio

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Product Description

YOUR 21 PIECE SET CONTAINS: 21 Pro Deluxe brushes: 11 x face brushes, 9 x eye brushes and 1 x Lip brush.  1 X BRUSH FOLIO 


F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush: Painter style brush for foundation/concealer application with cream/liquid products. Synthetic bristles.   V

F03 Medium Stipple Brush/Highlight Brush: For foundation/blush/highlight application. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. Synthetic bristles.     V

F14 Small Contour Cheek Brush: Round top brush for contour/blush. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

F15 Small Tapered Red Bristles: Contour application. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

F25 Large Powder/Bronzer: Powder/bronzer application. Synthetic bristles.   V

F17 Pointed Tip Concealer: Cream concealer/contour application. Use with cream/liquid products. Synthetic bristles.    V

F20 Hot Pink Flat Brush: Flat stipple brush for foundation/powder application. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. V

F42 Large contour: Tapered brush for contour/powder/face blending. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. Synthetic bristles.   

F21 Angled Contour Face Brush: Angled face brush for foundation/contour/blush. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. Synthetic bristles.      V

F22 Round Top Face Brush: Round top brush for foundation/contour/blush application. Use with cream/liquid/powder products.  Synthetic bristles.    V

F30 Sculpt Brush: For face contouring/sculpting. Synthetic bristles.  Best used with powder or cream products.  V



E23 Short Pencil: Pencil shaped brush for outer v shadow application/smudging. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

E24 Flat Shader: Flat brush for eyeshadow placement and shading. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

E25 Round Top Blending Brush: Eyeshadow blending brush. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

E26 Blending Brush: Eyeshadow placement/blending. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

E28 Ultra Fine Liner: Eyeliner brush for gel/cream/liquid eyeliner. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. Synthetic bristles.    V

E42 Pointed Crease blender: Blending brush for crease work/cut crease. Best used with powder products. High grade goat hair.

E30 Brow/Spoolie: Ideal for brow grooming/mascara/browgel/powder application. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. Synthetic bristles.     V


L29 Lip Brush/Winged Eyeliner Brush: For lip liner/lipstick/gel/liquid eyeliner application. Use with cream/liquid/powder products. Synthetic bristles.    V

E44 Flat brush: Brow grooming/finisher brush Synthetic bristles. Use with cream/gel/liquid/powder products.  V


           E39 Bent Line: Bent liner brush for easy application. Great for use with gel/cream/liquid products. V 


           Comes with plush, easy to clean Faux Brush Folio.


Tips to get the most from your F20: To avoid premature wear and tear of your F20, make sure to only use the flat part of your brush to apply product. Use a stippling motion rather than a

circular motion to apply. If you see foundation/product building up further down your bristles and brush head it means you're using your brush incorrectly. A gentle daily brush spray is a

great idea as you can simply wipe off excess product from your brush regularly to avoid build up of product, which causes bacteria that's not good for your brush or your face! This brush is

disposable and will need replacing more often than your other brushes.



If you experience an unnatural amount of shedding in the first 7 days, please contact us. It’s important you don't continue to use a brush, which you feel is shedding large amounts, as the

issue will only worsen.  Please do not discard of the brush, as we will need to run a check on it. 

We offer a 60-day return from the date of purchase on all brushes purchased. In this time, a brush should show its’ fault.  Should you purchase in one of our reseller stores, please

contact the store directly with your issue brush plus proof of purchase.  






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Product Reviews

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  1. Just buy them!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2017

    I just love each and every brush! they were recommended to me by a friend and i have never looked back. All my other brushes are in the drawer since. #hooked

  2. love

    Posted by Danielle on 31st Jan 2017

    Love these brushes sooo much ❤❤

  3. Amazing as Always!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2017

    I used to be an avid MAC fan until I tried my sisters F20 foundation brush which actually made me say Oh my God out loud when using it! I have gotten various single brushes from Blank Canvas since then all of which have been great...I never thought much need in investing in eyeshadow brushes but after using the ones in this set I am forever converted!

    I would easily pay double the price for these brushes the quality is top notch!

  4. beautiful brushes, very happy!!!

    Posted by karen on 28th Jan 2017

    Very happy with my purchase, beautiful products, I have been highly recommending them. Love all the the brushes. I have no makeup application training but after using my Blank Cnacas brushes I was asked did I have my makeup done professsionally!!!! Extremely happy with my purchase!!!
    5 stats truly sldeserved!!!

    Just a note, it appears that some purchases receive additional offers and discounts and other puchases don't, perhaps an area for review as this may upset some customer and defer customers from making future purchases. A colleague and I both purchased the same item same pricing and she received 10% off next purchase and I didn't. Perhaps worth reviewing.

  5. All good so far

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2016

    All going well so far. Only suggestion I would have is to give a guide on what the brushes are all for. The every day person wouldn't know what to use all the brushes for and its lengthy going to the website to check out what each brush is for each time

  6. Can't recommend enough

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2016

    These are hands down the best brushes I've ever used. Brilliant price compared to other brushes. You really are getting quality for your money. Best purchase ever!

  7. Great

    Posted by Reg on 26th Jul 2015

    I love this however I wish the brush end on the E30 was a lot stiffer its just to flexible/soft for me but otherwise these are fantastic quality and I will be buying the f14 and f20 again as they are two of my absolute favourites

  8. ...

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2014

    Excellent quailty. Lovely to use. Highly recommened.

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