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  • Face & Eye Professional Makeup Brush Set with Holder, 12 Piece
  • L29-Professional Makeup Brush-Pointed Lip Brush
  • Professional Eye shadow Makeup Brush-E24
  • Professional Smudge Makeup Brush-E23
  • Large, Rounded Face Makeup Brush-F25
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"My Face And Eye" Professional Set 12 Piece Brush Set With Cup Holder

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Product Description



F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush (foundation/concealer application   V

F03 Large Duo Fibre Stipple/Highlight Brush (foundation/blush/highlight application) 

F15 Small Tapered Red Bristles (contour application)

F25 Large Powder/Bronzer (powder/bronzer application) * V

F20 Hot Pink HD Flat Brush (Foundation/Powder application)  Available in hot pink/black handle  (V)



E23 Short Pencil    (Outer v shadow application/ eye smudger brush)

E24 Flat Shader  (eyeshadow placement)

E25 Round Top Blending Brush (eyeshadow blending brush)

E26 Blending Brush ( eyeshadow/concealer blending)  

 E28 Ultra Fine Liner  (Eyeliner brush)   V

E30 Brow/Spoolie (brow grooming/mascara/browgel/powder application)  V

L29 Lip Brush/Winged Eyeliner Brush  (lip liner/lipstick/gel/liquid eyeliner application)  V


Purpose: For foundation, highlighting, powder.
Ideal For: Application of foundations, cream and liquid cheek highlighters and blushes.
Application Technique: First stipple product and use to circular motions to blend.
Details: Made from a blend of goat hair and synthetic fibres.
F15 Small Tapered RED
Purpose: For face and cheeks
Ideal for: Sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face. Its’ tapered tip helps apply product with precision. Shade or highlight your cheeks to a seamless finish. Best used with powder products. 
Details: Made from high grade natural goat hair.
Available in black or red top hair.
Purpose: Multi-Purpose For face, neck and body
Ideal for: Application of powder/bronzer to larger areas 
Details: Made from super-soft synthetic fibres 
Can be used with liquid/cream or powder products
Tip: Use a buffing or pressing motion  (instead of swirling motion )product onto the face and body for a more lasting and even finish.
The F20 Flat Top Buffer/ Kabuki 
Purpose: is made of short, dense synthetic fibres ideal for liquid, cream or powder products.

This new unique style of brush was specifically designed with perfection in mind. We are always in search of a flawless finish to our makeup and now the F20 could be just the key to what we need.
Application technique: Stipple or buff your foundation onto your face with this super soft brush and notice the difference to your application. 
E26  Blending Brush: 

Purpose:This brush is especially designed to blend/shade colour with its’ fine bundle of fluffy bristles.
Ideal for: along the eyelid and crease or socket of the eye. Achieving a professional eyeshadow look has never been so easy. Perfect for smaller eye areas .
Details: Synthetic hair

Purpose: For Eyes 
Ideal for: Smudging shadow or creating a shape to your eyes. Use along the upper and lower lash line with cream or powder shadows. Excellent for smokey eyes or softening a harsh liner. 
Details: Made from soft goat hair

E24 Flat Shader Brush 
Purpose: For Eyes. (Some use it for concealer too!)
Ideal for: Eyeshadow application and precise blending. This blending brush is flatter than the E25 so it’s perfect for applying and blending product along the lid and outer corners of the eye.
Details: Made from soft high grade natural goat hair.
E25 Round Top Blending Brush 
Purpose: For Eyes. (Some use it for concealer too!)
Ideal for: Eyeshadow application and blending. Great for blending along the crease line for a seamless finish. Use with cream or powder products. 
Details: Made from soft high grade natural goat hair.
E28 Ultra Fine Liner 
Purpose: For Eyes 
Ideal for: This liner brush has a fine point, perfect for precise application of cream/gel or liquid liner. 
Details: Made from synthetic fibres.

Purpose: Multi-Purpose For Eyes 
Ideal for: Brows and Eyeliner. Groom or apply brow gel or add texture or fullness to your brows. Can also be used for applying liner to the bottom and top lashes. 
Details: Made from synthetic fibres.
L29 Lip Brush/Winged Eyeliner Brush

Purpose: For Lips. 
Ideal for: Applying lip colour or blending lip liner. Its’ firm round shape means it’s perfect for grabbing product and applying it with precision to define your lips. Works well with cream or powder products.
This brush is also perfect for winged/cat eye liner because of its' precise pointed tip.
Details: Made from synthetic fibres.

POSTAGE: Your Pro Deluxe set is sent by registered mail. 

Washing Your Brushes: (see videos below) IMPORTANT: Care for Brushes is more important than ever. With the metal ferrule in the middle, it’s best to use a brush spray such or 70-80% isoprophyl alcohol spray to avoid the ferrule getting wet and the glue loosening. For daily cleaning, you could use a spray or an antibacterial wipe  and if a deep cleanse is needed, maybe just do one end of your double ended brushes at a time 

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  1. This is the first set of professional make-up brushes I have owned and I am totally happy with my choice

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2013

    This is the first set of professional makeup brushes I have owned and I am totally happy with my choice. The brushes are super soft, they literally glide over my face. I especially like the way the brushes feel in my hand, definitely top quality here.

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