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Care For Your Brushes

Upon receipt:

Check your brush that the handle is intact and there is no excessive shedding.  A small amount can be natural in the first 3-4 uses.

Issue brushes should be reported to original place of purchase within 30 days of purchase.

Please retain proof of purchase for your records.

Examples of a shedding/faulty brush when: large clumps of hair come away from the brush or the handle is loose.

You’ve invested in cosmetic brushes so you want them to last. The most certain way to ensure that your brushes last you for years is to take proper care of them.

By cleaning your brushes, you’ll not only prevent breakouts and bacteria building on your skin but you’ll also preserve the softness of your brushes.

  • If you are completely new to brush washing, make sure to go to our website and check out the videos on brush washing.  If you feel you cannot care for your brushes using shampoo without getting the ferrule  wet , take action promptly and  purchase  brush spray as the safest choice.  

Suggestions On How To Wash Your Brushes

Step 1: Flash wash /spray your brushes after purchase. Especially important for the natural hair brushes.(before first use) This is important as it will seal all new hairs in place

  • Use a daily brush spray or deep clean using a gentle brush shampoo. Use only very small amounts (pea-sized) of product to wash your brush. Avoidallowing water run into the ferrule (shiny metal part).  This will cause the glue to loosen. 
  • Water damage is the NO.1 cause of damage to bristles/brush heads or handles coming loose.
  • RINSE WELL: Another reason for a brush head to come apart is excess residue from product/brush cleaner not rinsed properly.  Pat dry gently with a towel.
  • Lay brush flat or with brush tilted downwards on a clean surface and allow to dry


          See for more info on care and how to use your brushes.

                                                                                   Customer Returns Policy

 Unhappy/changed your mind about your purchase?

 We would hope you are satisfied with all your purchases however, should you wish to return your unused purchase we ask that you complete the returns form and notify us via email within 30 days of purchase. Please ensure you get proof of postage, as we must receive the goods before we can take the next steps of refund/exchange/store credit issued.

RETURN ON ALL UNUSED, UNOPENED ITEMS: 30 DAYS RETURN POLICY. Washed or used brushes are not accepted.   

Due to the nature of our products and for hygiene purposes all returns must be received unopened and unused in its' original packaging within 30 days. Upon receipt of your returned goods, we will issue a refund less postage to your chosen method of payment. Alternatively, store credit can be used as exchange for your returned goods. Should your returned items be detected as used, we will be unable to refund full amounts.  Return shipping charges are non refundable.  


If you experience an unnatural amount of shedding in the first 7 days, please contact us. It’s important you don't

continue to use a brush, which you feel is shedding large amounts, as the issue will only worsen.  Please do not discard of the brush, as we will need to run a check on it.

We offer a 60-day return from the date of purchase on all brushes purchased online. Should you purchase in one of our reseller stores, please contact the store directly with your issue brush plus proof of purchase.  

Due to the nature of brushes, returns after this date are not accepted. Issues arising with your brush generally will happen within the first 3 uses.  Please email with your order # and 2 clear images of the issue brush. All replacements are sent upon receipt of the issue brush returned to our Dublin office. There are no collections/drop offs at this office. 

Brush Life Expectancy

Most make up brushes with the general exception of foundation brushes will last you a long time if the right care and storage is in place.

Foundation brushes are exposed to the most bacteria out of your entire make up brushes collection. In this sense, they’re comparable to toothbrushes and may need replaced more often dependent on the level of use.  Product and/or brush cleaning solutions can cause bacteria and residue to build up over time in the ferrule, the glue loosens, moisture builds which can lead to brush hairs shedding or your brush head detaching from the ferrule and handle.  We keep the prices of our foundation brushes low as they may need replaced more often than the regular powder/blush/eye brush.  

For more info, check for how NOT to treat your brushes.


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