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How to Mask Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

Posted by Blank Canvas Cosmetic on

If you are like most of the adult population in the United States, you probably aren't getting enough sleep. It's tough to get in the recommend seven or eight hours a night when you are also trying to balance work, family and friends and still find five minutes to yourself. The result of all this hurry and worry is that we're not getting enough sleep and the evidence is showing up under our eyes. Dark circles and bags are tell-tale signs that you aren’t getting enough rest. Thankfully, makeup is here to rescue us. Some well-placed product and quality tools can banish the bags and leave us looking far more rested than we actually feel.

So what is the best way to cover up those dark circles? Here are some of our favorite tools and tips to get the job done. See if they work for you!

Get These Tools

  • A tapered concealer brush. These brushes are great at getting into the small corners of your eyes so you can get the concealer exactly where you need it. They are great at building coverage, too, so you can get the layering that you need.
  • A blending brush. These small, fluffy brushes are perfect for blending out your concealer so the final look is flawless. You'll look more natural when you blend properly and you’ll be happier with the final result.
  • A high-quality concealing palette. The best makeup palettes for concealing dark under-eye circles is going to contain a variety of shades and different colors of concealer. That's because you don't just need a tone that matches your skin; various shades are going to be good for various undereye issues.

Use These Tips

  • Prep the undereye area. Skipping this step can lead to makeup products settling into the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, making you look older and no less tired. Use a good moisturizer and primer to protect the skin under the eye and prepare it for the concealer.
  • Tap and blend. When applying the concealer, you'll want to tap it onto the corners of your eyes and then blend it out. Don't rub. Not only will this basically remove the product entirely, it could end up stretching and damaging the skin under your eyes and make your undereye problems much worse. Be gentle with the delicate skin under your eyes.
  • Keep it there. Set the concealer with some finishing powder, lightly brushed over the concealer to keep it in place and to help it last throughout the day. A good finishing spray can help, too, and help the makeup look more natural.

Want your undereye area to look better than ever? We have everything you need. From high-quality makeup brushes to contouring palettes with every shade you need, you'll find it all at Blank Canvas Cosmetics. Place an order with us today and enjoy our line of high quality color palettes and makeup brushes that help you look your very best.

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