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Lip Brushes are Useless?

The answer is no, lip brushes are definitely not a useless makeup brush! Lip brushes are one of the brushes that makeup artists favor with all of their models. Lip brushes were developed to help professionals and normal people achieve a flawless lipstick look with little to no effort. These brushes give clean lines and offer [...]

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Must Have Make Up Brushes

The proper makeup application is only as good as it’s tools. For women who swear by hand-application, it is time to jump on the brush train. The perfect make up brushes will help a woman achieve a flawless and glamorous look. When you ask professionals what their favorite brushes are, they are likely to name [...]

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Choosing The Right Cosmetic Contour Palette

Color contouring can give a woman a truly gorgeous and defined look. Proper contouring will define cheekbones, shape the jawline, and enhance other facial features. The right cosmetic contour palette will give a woman every color that she needs in order to subtly enhance her features on a daily basis. The proper contouring should be [...]

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On The Go Makeup Brushes

When women are on the go for the majority of the day, they may need to take a couple of minutes to touch up their makeup. Oily, smudged, or fading makeup can lead to a tired and unkempt look that most women would like to avoid. Many women carry around an “on the go” makeup [...]

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The Brush Guide to Smokey Eyes

Owning a makeup brush set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics will give you the opportunity to create endless looks with your makeup. Makeup brush sets are the perfect addition to any makeup routine. One of the most stunning and seductive looks that any woman can achieve is the smokey eye. This look can be almost impossible [...]

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The Quick Morning Makeup Routine

Whoops! You missed your morning alarm (or forgot to set one) and now you are on the verge of being incredibly late for work. Something in your morning routine will have to give. Fashion your hair into a trendy loose bun, throw on a gorgeous little headband, and pick the first power-suit you see out [...]

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Why Women Love Makeup Brush Sets

Makeup application is usually a very important part of a woman's morning routine. Although no woman needs makeup, we prefer to wear it daily, or on the right occasion. Makeup can make us feel confident and beautiful. The application of makeup has been made into an exact procedure by each women. Each women has allotted [...]

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Using a Cosmetic Contour Palette

Professional makeup artists know the art of facial contouring. Facial contouring with the right cosmetic contour palette can help give an individuals face a more sculpted look without resorting to implants. Bring out your cheekbones with the help of clever contouring and highlighting. There is skill involved when applying facial contours using a cosmetic contour [...]

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Tips for Flawless Foundation

Women around the world have been searching for a way to achieve a flawless look with the makeup that they currently own. Makeup application is an art that you can learn over time. Once you have the proper tools, makeup application is all about technique. Investing in the perfect set of professional makeup brushes will [...]

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Professional Makeup Brushes over Hand Application

There are many different school of thought when it comes to the application of makeup. Many people choose to use their hands and fingertips rather than professional makeup brushes. While we have all been guilty of this, it might not be the best application option. The reason that people do not own the proper brushes [...]

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