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6 Signs You’re a Makeup Addict

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When you love makeup as much as we do here at Blank Canvas Cosmetics, everyone knows. In fact, your friends and family might feel like they need to stage an intervention! It may have started with a single lipstick here or an eyeshadow there, but now, it’s a full-blown addiction. You know you spend too much money on it, but you can’t help it at this point. You love makeup, and it loves you too. If this rings true for you, you might relate to this list! Read on for the tell-tale signs that you are addicted to makeup.

You don’t buy food; you buy makeup

When your friends look in your fridge, they wonder where all your money goes. When they look in your makeup case, they understand. When you’re a makeup addict, most of your paycheck goes towards the cream highlighter you have been eyeing, the fabulous BB cream you’re almost out of, and the new shade of your favorite lipstick. You can’t help it; makeup makes you feel more alive than food ever could!

Your makeup is everywhere

Speaking of your makeup case, it’s not really one case. It’s actually probably several cases, plus a few makeup bags, plus everything that is on your bathroom counter, not to mention the loose lipsticks rattling around in your purse… actually, it would be more accurate to say that the world is your makeup case. If you find that there is makeup more places in your home than there is not, you might be a makeup addict.

A compliment on your makeup makes your day

Whether you are going simple with a “no makeup” look or you are glammed out with a smokey cat eye, there is nothing like a compliment on your makeup to make your day. You spend a lot of time putting your makeup on in the morning, so when someone recognizes your art, you can’t help but glow with happiness, which only brings out your handiwork more.

You do everyone else’s makeup

They may make fun of you for your makeup addiction, but when your friends need to glow up, they know who to call. You’re always the first person they call when they need advice on which product to get or how to apply makeup in a certain way. From first dates to prom night to even weddings, when there is a special event and makeup is necessary, your friends are always asking you to step up.

You look glam without a reason

You don’t need a wedding, cocktail party, or even a hot date to get all dolled up; it’s enough that you feel like going glam! You might wake up in the morning a few minutes early to look extra special for work, or you might just wait till afterwards to look for yourself (and your selfie). When you’re addicted to makeup, there is no occasion that doesn’t warrant a full glam look.

Your holiday wish list is mostly makeup

There may be a killer pair of heels or a cozy sweater on there, but the majority of what you are asking for this holiday season is your favorite thing in the world: makeup. Even if you don’t write out a list, your friends and family know what makes you happy, so they always come through with the best contour palettes, eyeshadow pots, and lip colors of the season.

Speaking of the holidays, there is nothing like a new set of professional makeup brushes to make any beauty addict smile when they find it underneath the tree. Shop Blank Canvas Cosmetics for professional makeup brushes today!

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