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3 Ways To Prevent Raccoon Eyes

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We’ve all been there: your eye makeup looks flawless when you leave the house, but by the next time you look in a mirror, it has travelled down your face, making you look like a raccoon. Having smudges under your eyes can be very inconvenient, particularly if you don’t have makeup remover on you. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are a couple of ways you can prevent raccoon eyes, which we will go over in this blog.

Prime your eyeshadow

If your eyeshadow is the source of your smudging, it’s likely that you aren’t properly setting your eye makeup. Start with a eyeshadow primer to ensure it stays in place, and use a translucent powder under your eyes before you apply to catch any loose eyeshadow. After you have applied your eyeshadow, dust away the translucent powder with a fan brush. Additionally, after you apply your eyeliner, use a clean makeup brush to gently wipe away any excess product.

Pick the right products

If the issue is your eyeliner, you are probably using the wrong one. For your lower waterline, you want to make sure that you don’t use an eyeliner that is too thick, both in regards to the formula and to the pencil width. Additionally, you want your products to be waterproof or water-resistant. These products will last all day and won’t smudge, but the catch is, they set quickly, so blend like the wind!

Use a light eye cream

If you are using a thick eye cream, that may be the reason why you are having issues with raccoon eyes. Thicker creams leave behind a greasy residue, which encourages your eye makeup to smear. If you want to use a thick eye cream, use it in the evening before bed instead of in the morning before you apply your makeup.

Raccoon eyes are an annoying but preventable makeup problem. If you need professional makeup brushes to help you prevent them, we can help! Shop Blank Canvas Cosmetics for high-quality makeup brushes. 

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