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11 Tips For Making Your Makeup Last

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You looked like a goddess this morning when you first applied your makeup, but as the day went on, all of your hard work faded and you were left with a smudged mess on your face at the end of the day. Fading makeup is a common problem, hence why there are so many different makeup products labelled “long-lasting.” Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make your makeup last all day long.

Prep your pores

Before you even put makeup on, set yourself up for success by preparing your skin by using an exfoliant. When you exfoliate, it smooths your skin by sloughing off dead skin. This enables you to apply your makeup more evenly on your freshly smooth face, which will in turn, make it last longer. Don’t forget to also use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips so they can be nice and smooth for your lip color.

Use primer

A great way to ensure your makeup lasts longer is by using primer. Primer smooths imperfections and helps your makeup look better and last all day long. Invest in one with SPF for the added bonus of protection from the sun.

Go light

Some women think that adding several layers of makeup will make it last longer, but in reality, the opposite is true. The more product you have on your face, the more likely it is move, smearing all over your face. Use a makeup brush to apply a light layer of foundation. If you find that you still have excess product, you might dab a sponge on your skin to absorb it.

Allow time to set

Another reason why makeup fades is because you failed to give it time to set in between each product. If you take your time doing your makeup, you can ensure that it lasts longer. Take a few minutes between each makeup product to allow it to set. For example, apply your foundation, then wait five minutes before your apply a translucent powder on top of it.

Pat on concealer

When you are applying concealer, don’t use a back and forth motion or try to rub it in. Instead, lightly pat it on wherever you need concealer, and allow it to set before putting any other makeup over it.

Choose long-lasting products

As stated above, there are many makeup products on the market that are specifically formulated for staying power. If you have a hard time making your makeup last all day, look for products are are specifically labelled as long-lasting. From foundation to mascara to lipstick, you can find a long-lasting version of all your makeup essentials.

Don’t get too touchy

You have been told since you were a teenager with acne to avoid touching your face, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do it. Whether you are stroking your chin while you are deep in thought, you press your cell phone right against your cheek, or you are always rubbing your eyes, touching your face messes up your makeup. If you want your makeup to last all day, keep your fingers and electronics off your face.

Carry blotting papers

If you have oily skin, make sure to always be prepared by carrying blotting papers with you. Oil makes your makeup slide over your face and dissipate, so it is important to keep oily skin in check when you’re concerned with making makeup last.

Wear your hair up

Having your hair brush against your face all day also disrupts your makeup from staying on your face. If you need your makeup to last the longest possible, wear an updo to prevent your hair from smudging or smearing your makeup.

Use a setting powder

Once you have finished your makeup look, make it last all day long by using a setting powder. Some people prefer to use a translucent powder for this, while others will use a pressed powder or highlighting powder. Make sure not to apply too thick of a layer, which will cake into the crevices of your face, but instead, lightly dust your face using a fluffy makeup brush. Add extra powder to places that tend to get oily on your face.

Use a setting spray

Additionally, if you really need your makeup to look perfect after hours of wear, you may want to set it with a translucent powder or a setting spray. Applying a light layer of translucent powder with a soft makeup brush gives you the staying power of a powder without messing with your makeup. Alternatively, setting sprays are designed to keep your makeup in place all day long. After you have done with your makeup, spritz your face and head out the door.

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